Thanks for stopping by!!

I am the face behind Elle June and Co. (Formally Heart & Soul!)
I am the designer & maker here!
I am a small business located in Central Alberta.
I was searching for a name that reflected who I was, and I landed on, Elle June and Co. Why you ask?
Well lets start with Elle, which you know my name starts with (Lori).
June comes from part of my nickname (from one of my dear uncles-that now basically all my family continues to call me.) Lori June.That nickname also has a back storey...

the fast version - Lori May was born in June... hence Lori June! 
Elle June and Co was created!

I have always been a creative personality, and I have be constantly looking for something that I love spending my time doing. I started out back in 2016 (I think, maybe 2015... lets go with 2016) and love how far I've come! 
I want to create fun, quirky, sassy, and sometimes smarta$$y items for everyone to enjoy.
All my language is for fun! I mean absolutely no harm with it! Here is your full warning if you can't handle it please be advised. But if you are looking for something less risky, I do try and create some clean fun too! I work hard and put my all into my designs, recently adding some hand lettering and drawing done by myself! 

Here is a little more about me, I have always loved Disney, which I am of course enjoying with my kids now! I think my oldest may love it more then me! - My favourite movie is The Little Mermaid! I also spent every Thursday from 1994 - 2004 with my all time favourite show FRIENDS. Could I be anymore of a 90's kid. I now spend some of my spare time joining trivia nights with a group of friends. (Insert lady emoji with her head in her hands).
On my family side of things,  I have a wonderful husband and 2 wild little girls.  
We are always dancing and singing to Disney songs. Steven has his hands full with the 3 of us. 

Thanks for making it through that!! 


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