"Its not me, its you"

"Its not me, its you"


Scents Include
Essential Oils from Solstice Essential Oils
Dawn - a bright and happy blend of 100% pure sweet orange, lemon, lime and pink grapefruit essential oils - a perfect blend to wake up to.

Frangrance Oils
Cranberry Peach Vanilla - A sweet, delicious medley of fruits and vanilla. Top notes of sweet peach, berries with nuances of banana. Heart notes of juicy cranberries, jasmine with a hint of pineapples. Vanilla and light musk at the base.

Salt Water Mermaid - fresh watery green fragrance delicately combines notes of ocean mist and sea grass with agave nectar and coconut milk.

Bahama Berry & Melon - a touch of musk at the base, and sweet peach, honey dew melon and jasmine at the heart, our Bahama Berry and Melon Fragrance Oil smells like summer. Top note of citrus, berries and a hint of sweet pineapple.

Champagne Kisses - Sparkling bubbles of crisp champagne are delightfully blended with tangy grapefruit, champagne grapes and deep plum.